Our Family Dog Pet Tags Express is created to provide a high quality, cost effective, premium aluminum pet tag to wholesalers, engravers, artisans and other pet suppliers that is superior in every way to the aluminum tags on the market. How can we do this...?
  1. We fully anodize our tags. That means that beautiful color is seen all around the tag, no bare metal along the edges that can corrode and frankly looks cheap.
  2. We carefully control our anodizing process. We meet or exceed all industry standards normally reserved for military and aerospace applications.

That's right, they make space shuttles using the same standards I make my tags with!!!

  1. We only use hardened aluminum to ensure our tags are the most durable aluminum tag you can buy.
  2. Our products are always made in America!

Looking for even better savings? Buy in bulk and see our quantity discounts! Our buying power and low overhead allows us to beat most competitors pricing.
You're not an engraver? Don't worry we've taken our business model and expanded it to include all ranges of pet products.

  • We have a carefully selected inventory to meet your pets every need.

  • We buy direct so our prices are some of the most competitive on the market today, even beating some of the big online retailers (I won't mention your name amazon!).

  • All our orders are processed for delivery within 1 business day. What good is a name like Pet Tags Express if we can't deliver your order quickly?

  • And we are always adding new items to our inventory, so come back often to see the latest products.